While advocating for the continued importance and relevance of the mortgage profession, our mission is to empower mortgage professionals with the differentiated value needed to accelerate client trust and win their loyalty. At the core however, helping every home buyer and home owner select a mortgage that aligns with properly funding Life Event expenses and building long-term financial wealth is our Purpose. "


Misely is an intuitive platform that assists originators in delivering faster and more polished mortgage advice. Its mobile-friendly design makes it easy to use and accessible from anywhere. Most importantly, Misely fosters client trust and loyalty by emphasizing Life Event planning and wealth-building strategies over the cost of the mortgage. 

In today's rapidly evolving digital mortgage landscape, differentiation, speed, and client experience are crucial components for margin stability. When it comes to preparing and presenting mortgage options, Misely is optimally positioned to deliver. Here's why:

The name Misely is derived from "Mortgage Wisely." As a Mortgage Planner, assisting clients in making a wise mortgage decision involves more than just considering the loan cost and lowest rate. Although these factors play a significant role in the decision, choosing the appropriate mortgage primarily depends on the client's overall short and long-term financial objectives. At the core of Misely is a sophisticated analysis engine that shifts the conversation from rate and cost to practical advice, making it an invaluable asset for Mortgage Planners.

In today's mobile-driven environment, clients expect prompt service. If a Loan Officer is out of the office, it could take hours before they can return to provide the necessary information. Misely substantially minimizes the time it takes to present mortgage options to the client, ensuring a swift and efficient process that wins business in no time!

Client Experience:
Misely was developed by a Mortgage Planner, keeping all types of clients in mind - not just a specific group. Mortgage Planners have the flexibility to select the level of simplicity or complexity of the output based on the clients' requirements and consumption patterns. Moreover, the responsive web design features a cutting-edge millennial-forward navigation and display, and offers user-friendly visuals that can be accessed and viewed effortlessly on any device, from anywhere and at any time


Dave Boswell

Dave is a seasoned Mortgage Professional with over 25 years of experience in the mortgage banking industry. He kickstarted his career right out of college in 1994, armed with a finance degree and an aspiration to become a financial planner. However, a friend in mortgage banking recommended he explore the industry further before choosing his path. Dave was immediately hooked by the prospect of assisting families with the most significant financial decisions of their lives.

Dave's passion for helping his clients make wise financial decisions when it comes to selecting a mortgage led him to create this innovative solution: Misely. He recognized that selecting a mortgage is not just about finding the lowest rate or the best loan cost, but also about understanding how the mortgage will impact a client's overall financial situation in the short and long term. 

Through the development of Misely, Dave's expertise and advanced analysis tools are now available to a wider audience of Mortgage Planners and their clients. Misely empowers Mortgage Planners to guide clients towards mortgages that align with their specific financial goals and needs, creating a better mortgage experience for everyone involved.

Dave is a man who embraces an active and adventurous lifestyle. When he's not working, you'll find him enjoying his favorite outdoor activities, such as boating, golfing, mountain biking, and skiing. He's also a proud father of three who loves watching his kids play sports. In his downtime, he enjoys taking walks with his best friend and wife, Suha. Dave's zest for life and love for his family are reflected in everything he does, including his work as a dedicated professional.